Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Velvet Sky

moaning and crying,the angels of the sea,
the trying voices of age and death,
here comes the shadow breed,
the darkest mist of natures perfume,
that only sallow tongues could taste in the wind.

the rivers of the dying young,
in sadness of the grey beyond,
but look to the west to find the sun dead,
for the call of man too shamed to find,
the desire to live and the fear of death.

wasted tears of the last words sung,
the hero begins his wandering days,
in exile of ambition and left to the abyss,
the dogs of darkness smell and relish,
the fainting heart of the poison's first kiss.

the last man who wept for the earth,
drowning in the flesh of his maker,
rotting in the heat of the devour,
long lost light I pray you find him soon,
the darkness makes him fear the unknown,
in truth he shall find the road,
the lost path where man first stood.

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