Sunday, September 5, 2010

In the dark

a strange journal into the unemployment of S.Kandaswamy 
chapter 14: In the dark                                                                                                                                            

In this dark outlet of mine, I see not the darkness that surround the ones claim darkened but alas! Vain are the efforts to control this manner of the darkest voice in which i must speak. Behold! The gods have seen this spirit I hold in darkness and hear this O fellowship of councils and of man and of god, I care little for i grieve more for the light of this darkening and this is where the darkness ends.
I am awake and completed within the walls of my freedom and I still wish I could shatter the growing barriers for my reach could travel further. In the brittle spirit of an everlasting conquest, I stand to adore the blade sung of tearing flesh that is strapped to the hilt and I feel the lace around my fingers that runs like a river of silver. But the eyes can see what every man could have seen, without his hands that can touch what can be seen, for in the land of this light must my feet make their mark.
Over the oceans, above in the bubbling fury of what dreams begin in what precious time sleep can offer, a journey alone to the end of the road and just to find myself at the beginning.
I have learnt that I live with pride with my selfish concerns when I look into every mirror hopping I would look back again and to see my reflection that for so long have I waited to see.
The darkness of the humblest soul that flees from the coming of the heart’s apocalypse that can be seen from vein to vein as even the stars cease all mischief to stop and stare. From this distance, the crowded rooms behind those walls, I am watching the faces dissolving with just my fingers to count the lies on their smiles. At the burning end of the wistful cigarette, the only light burning without concern of how dark the night has become. I have seen those faces smiling in my head, snarling like wolves with every twitch of their lips, and they are sure to speak without reason for they know they have none.
I long for the stars and moon that shine so brightly by the midnight trail into its own darkness and now before I say goodbye, here again is where the darkness ends.

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