Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The wild and free

-A Tribute to Christopher Johnson McCandeless 

Oh fair and faithful wind,
Aid thy wind for thy freedom of flight,
As the sound of night that does pierce my heart,
And My falling heart that does tremble at the start,
For the walls that ground my freedom,
These walls that hide me from my home.
Oh fair Society and your faithful loyalties,
My mind evades them yet I love them still,
The stray dogs bristle by the scorn of another,
At the stalking wolf of moonlight days,
Here at the crosswords of my father's strength,
I leap from the mantle made by man, 
like the falling feather that does dance with gaiety in the fall,
Running wild and free as the wind is awake in me,
These lonely grounds are mine alone,
Mine alone to bathe naked in spirit,
and mine to wander wherever I please,
And now I am free... 


  1. I love your flow, you are handling your lines well..great poem..:)

    the desert rose (@Beeros75)

  2. Enjoyed the poem, thanks for sharing it on Twitter

  3. Beautiful! I am working on a write using old english - you did so well!

  4. I can sense being "carefree" throughout this poem. I enjoyed it as well.

  5. i think man has forgotten the deepest desire that burns in him still...that world of loving nature still exists and man can return to nature when he is shunned by his own kind....

  6. Beautiful...thank-you very much for posting your beautiful work here...If you are inclined and interested, we are producing a book/dvd of Chris McCandless's photographs and writings. Feel free to write to me at

    Most warmly,