Sunday, September 5, 2010

The day I found my mother

a strange journal into the unemployment of S.Kandaswamy 
chapter 18: The day I found my mother                                                                                                

In the shade do I find the merriment of peace and quiet, that surround my small world  of a spiral tranquillity, when I bend the branches to support my back as I sit to my heart’s content on my dear mother’s lap. This stomach of mine has ached to be starved and the water to drink and to quench my thirst has finally become just a survivor’s desire. Should you be still, cried the trees for they moaned with age and I found joy as they bent low above my head to kiss me tenderly upon my brow.
As I am seated at my mother’s knee, the hand of her love that breaks the stone of her legs and I leave my lips upon her hand and to her loving nature she holds me true to her. The softest cheeks that did touch mine as she held her warm breasts against the wind, for in truth is her love unquestioned. I am but a child in her arms as I find her slender fingers to play with affection and she has loved me for each step that I took unto her and words are all that I have to express as she holds close and her breath is of love itself.
How I desire to sleep forever in this place and to hear myself as every sense is nourished by her voice and I never want to disappear from her sight.
Through her eyes I see the sun, as she smiles down at me, what is the love that has been misunderstood for so long? I cry with my age old innocence, to see her I am silent for she refuses to listen to my sadness as she kisses me with rushes of the wind that come by whistling in my ear. The moon to mock the sun behind her smile as the night has faced her over the horizon that calls to me in the twilight beckoning. From her feet to hold her dearest affection when my sleep is warm before the wind cries.
The thrill of the heights of her tall stature has filled me till the completed verse that echoes in the evening daze and a warm blanket is never too far away as the cold creeps into my skin and lips and my eyes are yet to close but this day has passed like I never thought it would and I am happy for I have found her today and I know where she waits for her son and she left me at the turn.
At the turn that was still left turning, I ask her oh mother and mother of earth, have I learnt to love you with all my spirit?

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