Tuesday, January 26, 2010

money falls where i walk...

gone are the days long and short,
here are the hours that should have passed;
must i wonder where i should walk,
as the light falls like the sun upon the river i walk.

mint flavored rain drops fall with a certain elegance,
that the childish man walks with his mouth open,
and all the fools watch with a waiting chance,
but never will they say of what hunger lay in them.

trust in the heart of what trouble lay before,
and look back and forth at what you did as the thunder roars;
listen with care as the moon speaks to you,
the comfort of wisdom so rare among the few.

hinder the meaning of all that is said,
the truth is out there no matter what anyone says,
and we will stand tall like the mountains and trees,
we know what the words are that set us free.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Mother,mother come with me,
And I will show you the world I see,
Let us walk with strength behold,
Let us scream at the sky through another hole.
Take me,take me to your womb,
And I will be silent inside of you:
Wake me up to sleep again,
And touch my heart while it rains.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Ugly Truth

Hinder the moment I said untrue,
And question the rain the sky turned blue,
When I think of all things made of gold and silver,
To shine like gods among the homeless shiver.

A woman walks to the sound of freedom,
A man follows her steps to the temple found,
They pray together and laugh forever,
United they hold hands and drown in my river.

We have flown the skies so many times,
But ever have we wondered how the falcon climbs,
As the storm approaches and we cry instead,
The majestic wings beaten fierce and the eyes of dread.

Fear is great and we must all bow down,
See how the tongue must swell now,
When the higher mind must take over,
Let the words flow till the rain is over.

Change what will not change,
And lose control over the innermost face,
That smiles at you in the mirror when you cry,
Smile back at it when you know you can try.