Thursday, November 11, 2010

He who holds the heavens and the earth

gentle were the eyes of the god,
who stood amongst the misty stars,
and cowered behind the shadow of the world,
in the melting darkness that swiftly drew,
the vanishing canopy of the single sight he knew.
slight desires of hunger and thirst,
the mighty titan does bellow his worst,
in the thunder falling like the rock of mountains,
and the shivering sky in him do we see,
atlas,the fallen and the ever rising,
caught in the middle of high ambition,
and trespassing on the road to redemption or mercy,
and atlas,the reliever of burdens,
though the burden he carries himself,
like the hidden angel of man's timely errors,
for brothers deceive what the cold eyes should reveal,
and kronos and gaia,were they ever immortal,
and join their brother and banished comrade,
for journeys unfold in the waiting universe,
and time will be theirs forever again.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Morpheus The Dream Weaver

in pain unbent,the spine shivers and collapses,
the body of man and the flower of the virgin soil,
and where does the mind fall if not the ground,
when the solid skull shatters beyond,
and rains of drifting memories and dreams,
where sleep is but a fortune for the restless stream,
and he waits by the closing eyes,
laughing softly as he walks to the moving sky,
heavens unearthed of past and present ruin,
the grapes sour of tasteless life,
and the dreams were the night of nights,
where sleep was but a memory in the turning pages.

oh maiden fair and fast asleep,
would you know how deep you sleep,
in the arms of Morpheus and the child of Pasithea,
for the night will never end the day,
and the light of this dream,
is hidden far from the way.
Morpheus,Morpheus,slay not her youth,
in violent past and futures unwritten nor spoken,
but lead her faraway where love may carry,
the heart of her and the spell of her beauty remembered,
like roses in winter,
the icy wind does splinter,
the chords and the strings that bind the memories of love,
and Morpheus,poor Morpheus,such a strange face to nature,
leaving no footprints or shadows,
but a body of nothingness,
where the dream weaver sleeps.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Black End

time does not look back upon those still mortal,
for memory serves its cause in absence,
the resting mind asleep in the river of fantasy,
and the voice echoes long in the hollow shell.

where does time follow when time is forgotten on the way,
the hurling darkness too cunning to deceive,
like the broken wisp too quick to catch in the moment's grasp,
and in the black end,does silence peacefully receive.

the cold arms of death reaching over,
to caress the childish face of the dead,
as the loving embrace of a familiar stranger,
in the black end,do the watchful dread.

were nothingness among darkness was all that is,
the black end falls deep and time will remember a name,
death were the faces in dreams unknown,
and yet,the eyes are open and death unto all...

The Mask

dreaming of dreams I did,
to stand still i stood,
to watch my life from behind my mask,
it was easy and I understood.

fading from the world you see,
my eyes are closed when you begin to dream,
for all that i need are the lies to keep me happy,
to tie me to the ground and hear the drowning scream.

walk me blind to the edge of the sea,
the terrible deed upon the heartless tarry,
yet imagined purpose fills the empty voice,
and I am hiding behind the shade of my eyes.

you found me running away,
away,away,from this world,my grave,
stop hurting me in all the right ways,
I will hide my mask away.

When The Sun Goes Away

humble were the prophets that saw the day,
silent in virtue and they were not supposed to say,
the wings of night fly faraway,
only when the sun goes away.

bright was the pillar of day,
softly hiding the mask of grey,
in hues blunt of ivory stained,
falling soon when the sun goes away.

the shadows roam where the light strays,
and the sky is clear beyond crystal ways,
the twilight dances,touching darkness in the soft sway,
when the sun goes away.

black warnings speak of no hope,
troubled minds silenced in the command of fear,
the darkest shadows called to play,
as the sun turns and goes away.

The Velvet Sky

moaning and crying,the angels of the sea,
the trying voices of age and death,
here comes the shadow breed,
the darkest mist of natures perfume,
that only sallow tongues could taste in the wind.

the rivers of the dying young,
in sadness of the grey beyond,
but look to the west to find the sun dead,
for the call of man too shamed to find,
the desire to live and the fear of death.

wasted tears of the last words sung,
the hero begins his wandering days,
in exile of ambition and left to the abyss,
the dogs of darkness smell and relish,
the fainting heart of the poison's first kiss.

the last man who wept for the earth,
drowning in the flesh of his maker,
rotting in the heat of the devour,
long lost light I pray you find him soon,
the darkness makes him fear the unknown,
in truth he shall find the road,
the lost path where man first stood.