Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The dark eyed wandering beauty- to the beautiful gypsy girl i adore :)

strange are the reasons my eyes danced to her touch,
as the withering hands that crush my youth in my dying age,
for beauty arrives in her  splendid form of obsession,
like the cruel charms of the lovely black rose,
her eyes are where i dream and sing,
the closest comfort of life that i have touched,
and she smiles at me like the immortal sun,
loving rains of whispered seasons that float beside the ever changing will of freedom,
and this dark eyed wandering beauty,
she pranced in her footsteps  to the rhythm of her body,
her silken hands that flooded emotion in a swirl of the tide of passion,
for gazing boldly i have fallen in love,
my heart that shys away from her secrets buried deep within her dark eyes,
oh beauty of the east,shall i hold you close,
the untamed spirit of lust and the sheer precipice of mystery,
and i am glad to fall from your brow,
to gently rest upon your lap in the careless fashion,
where i am now,so gently in my dreams,
and like a flower to the sky,
and like a river running ground,
there was love lost in hearts of many,
but here and now,in my dark eyed wandering beauty,
the love of life in her i have found...