Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tidal Fury

Beneath the fathoms of the infinite deep,
Tumbling below in the nightmare held close,
And the ocean warm at the thoughtful touch,
The land and the skies have never opened their doors,
As the tide knocks and turns the moon to watch,
In amazement, in wonder,
How serene the crystal glitter
dancing upon the waves,
The stars spinning in the mesmerizing chaos on nature's effect,
Startling the gods above in lightning and rage.

Did the sweet, earning mother of all nature,
Seek refuge behind the still trembling water,
holding war above her nurtured crown,
she bellows the storm crashing from the sky,
And the heavens quake and shiver,
and the calm and waiting clouds drift by the horizon,
The sun waving sadly beside the god of mercy,
And the storm has struck and the rain sputters in the dreaded gale,
drowning the world in the bitter salt of the sea
Oh mother, oh mother, spare my mind's eye of the wavering kill.

The Mirror

The lord has gone,
But the lord is god,
The lord has fled,
And his own sins are shed.

Across the flying window in space,
Travelling across the universe and days,
Heaven and worlds ablaze by chaotic heat
Soaring to the sun with my cold, cold life.

I am the mirror on the silence,
I am the ghost in the poverty of your mind,
I am the son unborn and waiting to die.

The devil is mine and his blood soaked wine,
Splashed across the guard of night,
With the moon upon the lady's finger,
And the sun dancing behind the cold arms of winter.

The mirror of my mind,
Transverse and colour clouded,
And all my thoughts are born and raised,
tutored lovingly by the hand of life

The infinite scream to pierce the emptiness,
Hollowed tunnels between reason and the void,
Crawling across the galaxy in the eternal mirror.

The Doorway

As words entwine between my lips, I stare with open eyes and reveal the dust that lays between my fingers and the wounds crouch between my teeth and swallowed before my peace.

The Aroma

A whisper of her lips
and her eyes are divine,
burning this compassionate heart of all desire,
turning our gaze to his ever cruel time;

An emblazoned quilt with our eyes in heaven,
she held my heart in softest embrace,
while I bathed in the endless dreams of my passion
waiting , waiting for this eternal grace.

My nose does quiver for I smell,
no honey sweeter than the rain,
like tears upon her brow that fell,
but she laughs and loves for no pain she can see.

Her perfume of the earth on her warm skin,
her beauty beside me in joy,
As together our hands shall swim,
To the ocean our faith will relieve.

I knelt at her feet in my humblest peace,
as she stood before my eyes,
with the spirit of her youth as lovely as the autumn breeze,
for making love behind the white horizon's skies,
and tell tale signs of mischief that wander,
along her naked lips should my fingers play,
for her bosom rests my head  so well,
and in the silence ahead  I will have nothing more to say.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Cold Morning at the End of Summer

Like a burning candle behind the blue mist,
Dimly lit dew drops as sweet as the kiss,
As rivers upon rainbows as the dull magic begins,
Weaving behind the grey clouds till the grey drops drizzle.
Ever warming that great rush of the wind,
Swaying the branches of these melancholic trees,
In the divine harmony that rests alone in nature,
And the white of waterfall cascades softly form the sky,
A beautiful sight to gaze upon it's unjudging grace,
bending the leaves emptied of the night of fruitful lust,
And to falling with love upon my face.