Monday, August 23, 2010

Dreams of night and thunder

do my dreams rise in smoke,swirling ministers of an empty haze, 
turning my world from black to white as i sleep by the sleepless night,
do my dreams purge the world i saw yesterday,of all that was,is born today,
the cries of destiny and of death,the sympathies of life that is hard to ignore,
and do my dreams wake the world of men in their restless ambition,
who craves the night for his blissful slumber nor did he deserve,
the sun that beat his back in his wandering days in search of peace,
nor did he know where to look,for all men did hide their faces,
as the slothful eyes did pierce his heart and still he stands the unfinished portrait,
in a dream he does not realize,for the eye of my mind sees the vision of clarity yet undefined,
and i ask myself again,do my dreams awake the simplicity of sleep,
where i place the complexities of the many sleepless days,
turning the obliging day to night in a moment of the drifting thought,
and do my dreams inspire divine destiny in its wayward path,
melting the frozen horizon of humane perception,to gain passage into the open universe.
in the light of truth,the shadow of doubt will remain,
the scared witness too young to understand the complete and whole greatness of knowledge,
mark the intricate pattern of chaos till the dream should end in the tragic sigh,
and the world does forget along with me that all i dream to see,
and the world that watches with me as we sit by the clouds and gaze beyond,
for this is a dream i forget as i see...