Monday, January 3, 2011

The Sleeping

What are these words and sounds that light every moment of life?
What are these rivers and seas that remind us that life is still moving?
These pages we turn of our beloved books of comfort,
And the joys of living accompany the gazing wakened,
Time alone will lead us till the peaceful slumber,
Where the end will always remain a standing question,
But smile softly in their dreams,
For they know that they are asleep.
Come now, children of the age,
It will be soon time to lay down our heads,
For in these days of light and life,
That has become our truth in life,
For there will fall the darkest of nights,
And the stars will shine only upon themselves,
For we shall be eternally blind and yet awake to the night;
And we shall walk in dreams beyond,
And faraway where the darkness will find the light,
 For there is no question,
And no other answer,
For learn this today,
That we are brothers and sisters of the same tongues,
And may our lips remember while we hasten to stay awake,
For we shall remember the names of the sleeping.

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