Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Aroma

A whisper of her lips
and her eyes are divine,
burning this compassionate heart of all desire,
turning our gaze to his ever cruel time;

An emblazoned quilt with our eyes in heaven,
she held my heart in softest embrace,
while I bathed in the endless dreams of my passion
waiting , waiting for this eternal grace.

My nose does quiver for I smell,
no honey sweeter than the rain,
like tears upon her brow that fell,
but she laughs and loves for no pain she can see.

Her perfume of the earth on her warm skin,
her beauty beside me in joy,
As together our hands shall swim,
To the ocean our faith will relieve.

I knelt at her feet in my humblest peace,
as she stood before my eyes,
with the spirit of her youth as lovely as the autumn breeze,
for making love behind the white horizon's skies,
and tell tale signs of mischief that wander,
along her naked lips should my fingers play,
for her bosom rests my head  so well,
and in the silence ahead  I will have nothing more to say.

1 comment:

  1. Well done romance! =) Beautiful, especially love the line: " The perfume of the earth on her warm skin..." :)