Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tidal Fury

Beneath the fathoms of the infinite deep,
Tumbling below in the nightmare held close,
And the ocean warm at the thoughtful touch,
The land and the skies have never opened their doors,
As the tide knocks and turns the moon to watch,
In amazement, in wonder,
How serene the crystal glitter
dancing upon the waves,
The stars spinning in the mesmerizing chaos on nature's effect,
Startling the gods above in lightning and rage.

Did the sweet, earning mother of all nature,
Seek refuge behind the still trembling water,
holding war above her nurtured crown,
she bellows the storm crashing from the sky,
And the heavens quake and shiver,
and the calm and waiting clouds drift by the horizon,
The sun waving sadly beside the god of mercy,
And the storm has struck and the rain sputters in the dreaded gale,
drowning the world in the bitter salt of the sea
Oh mother, oh mother, spare my mind's eye of the wavering kill.

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