Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Equal

the light equals the time of day,
and the night remains as the darkness it its way,
as the right to silence,
equals the balance in the restless mind,
and where nothing is the same,
and where time is not what matters
but essential in this game.
the equal,the balance,
the remedy of time itself,
for it is a strange abstraction,this equal,
for how many minds could differ from the other,
when the equal stands alone upon the precipice,
vaguely indifferent and yet significantly alone.
the price of the balance,
to be paid by the sale of ones virtues,
to be the virtue itself,
in equal terms with the presence of pride and my arrogance,
for these are the tools that i have survived with for so long.

a mirror equals the physical,
nothing more and nothing less,
the plain glass that reflects the truth as it should,
for all other lies uphold the balance between,
and all other answers lie beyond the darkness after death.
secrets are kept in the hilt of a fatal blade,
for now destiny does not exist in the hands of a suicidal generation,
that breeds among the artful murderers,
that have found new taste in the fresh blood of the innocent,
and terror is the face that rises from the crimson sea,
the balance tilted for there is more blood raining from the skies,
and all my words did drink of them like wine,
for there is no greater and powerful drink,
than the essence of all things driven beyond the point of good and evil.

but these are ravished arguments that stir the bitter truth in my mouth,
for these words should not be empty of my voice,
and the reasons i wish to speak now,
for with a childish mirth does an audience glare back,
singing loudly of the barbarian chants that blabber nonsense into the refined listener,
for they screamed loudly and stamped the floor,
looking at me as if i was at fault for their expensive misery,
and loudly did one say,
for what else can this bird sing?for here is the monkey that thrives
in the dreams of our own amusement!
but does he,this personage of stupidity,
and a carcass as useless as his brain,
bring forth my ambitions to the public eye,
and to mock them and judge me above all else,
for mark that he has no reason or purpose of encouraging this absurdity,
but these are the same falsities that we all cherish among others.
i am not shallow enough to hinder the truth beyond its recognition,
but i seek to face the truth upon the balance,
to equal life among death,
and to erase the lines that divide the world.

1 comment:

  1. Admitted virtue and arrogance in equal terms. I like that, though both light and mirrors, especially in tandem create illusory glimpses of physical reality that are difficult to comprehend through basic equations. Perhaps the answer is the search. Thought-provoking poem.