Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Storm

Do you hear the cry of the startled raven?
The pelting rain falls and breaks,
as stars are hidden from the keenest admirers,
the clouds broken and scattered,
like scratches on the surface of the eye.
strong winds blow this way,
as solid steel and metal anew,
crumple and vanish beneath the thundering brew.
broken feathers,some lost forever,
shattered bones,but forever standing,
what is lost in a storm,should be,must be,forgotten,
but all this while were the seas dead in silence,
but the roars of the wave that rush to the land,
deafening the shrieks of madmen lost to the terror of the storm,
now cries in absolute despair,the raining fires that sear through the night.
sing,o raven,before you croak,
destroy this wind of death,for it falls at the sight of true beauty,
show the unhidden world of what lies waiting,
meaning and reasons have got nothing to do with this,
as the lover breaks his heart by himself,
the cold stare of desolation prepare,
the waiting arms of the storm and the damnation to bear,
where is beauty in times of death,
she stands ugly as a pillar of iron,
destruction described in the paralysis of illusions,
horror,horror,you have shown your true face,
hidden and wealthy of indifference,
as pale as nature finds her skin,
the raven is falling through the mist,
fragments of time are born apiece,
the center of self is lost beneath,
in the darkest abyss,
where i shelter from no sun,
as the quiet days of laughter remained,
a home i would call now,
the mind is on its way,
how i wish i had caught the raven gently,
but i failed to see the reasons of living,
but to grab the murderer before the act,
to catch life by the throat for once,
to terrify,by death,by destruction,by despair,
for how could all things be fair?


  1. An intense poem with vivid descriptions and details. Well written.

  2. thank is a piece that i used to describe the nature of chaos and the standing of the mind in a moment of true is always wise to wait out the storm,but survival demands a destiny of its own when faced by harsh and hostile glad you enjoyed it...